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As seen on TV, radio and podcasts UK-wide…

A leading contributor, interviewee and speaker on private client matters across all media platforms, here are some of Melinda’s most recent TV, radio and podcast appearances.

The Martin Lewis Money Show Live

Difficult Conversations

Melinda was a specialist expert on Martin Lewis’ episode on difficult conversations. Here she answered questions from both Martin and the public on several key topics, including the value of having a will, how to protect yourself against someone abusing a Power of Attorney, and why it can be helpful to set up a will trust to protect the legacy you leave vulnerable beneficiaries.

Money Box

QR Code Scams & Bank Account Access

Melinda Giles was as a guest on this Money Box podcast to discuss Deputyship after a young disabled man was denied access to a high-interest savings account, despite his parents having a court order to manage his finances. Melinda discusses why banks may stop Deputies doing this, how to fight this decision, and whether someone can pursue a discrimination claim in these circumstances.

BBC Breakfast

News Feature/discussion on Lasting Powers of Attorney

Melinda was featured on BBC Breakfast for a segment dedicated to Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs). Appearing alongside Sue Clarke of the Alzheimer’s Society, Melinda explained the value of sorting out an LPA for a family member early, the importance of choosing the right attorney, and why it’s crucial to work with a solicitor that specialises in LPAs, wills and probate.

Today’s Wills & Probate Podcast

Financial Abuse, Mental Capacity and LPA Reform

Melinda was interviewed by David Opie on a range of private client topics, including financial abuse, issues relating to mental capacity, and reforms to the law surrounding Lasting Powers of Attorney.

The Martin Lewis Money Show Live

The Big Briefing on Powers of Attorney

Melinda was the specialist expert for Martin Lewis’ ‘Big Briefing’ on Powers of Attorney. Here she answered pressing questions on what protections are in place to prevent someone from being exploited by their attorneys, the pluses and minuses of having multiple attorneys, and why you may not need to change an Enduring Power of Attorney to a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Money Box

Lasting Powers of Attorney & Tax Returns

Melinda Giles appeared as a guest to discuss organisations such as HMRC not accepting digital certificates to prove that you have Lasting Power of Attorney for a relative.

Money Box Live

Bereavement Finances

Melinda was brought in as an expert on the panel to comment on the complexities of dealing with family finances after a bereavement, the experiences that people have gone through, strategies to navigate problems.

Money Podcast

Why You Need a Power of Attorney

Melinda appeared on this podcast to provide expert insight into Powers of Attorney, discuss the consequences if these documents aren’t set up correctly, and share her thoughts on the need to modernise safeguards in the UK.

Money Box

Dementia & Money

Melinda featured as a specialist in Lasting Powers of Attorney to explain how these are used to help manage and look after the finances of people who lose their mental capacity due to dementia.

Money Box

Managing Someone Else’s Money

Melinda was a guest on this show explaining how to set up a Power of Attorney, and discussing concerns on potential abuses of a relative’s finances.

Postcards from Midlife

Live speaker event – How to Heal a Family Rift

Melinda joins psychotherapist and author Stella O’Malley to discuss healing the wounds caused by a family rift, coping with the fallout and restoring relationships after a dispute.

Melinda Giles - Postcards from Midlife Live